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Tipping, blondes and breast size

I was speaking to someone a few weeks ago that gave me, what is possibly, the most honest and succinct appraisal of tipping I have heard so far. Her pseudonym is Geraldine and she said: “Tipping is bullshit! All the … Continue reading

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If Australia had a ‘tipping culture’, would it be a better place?

Australians, collectively at least, have a fair amount of control over the society they want to live in. We can’t control everything – technological limitations, international politics and economic realities, among other factors, limit the type of society we can … Continue reading

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What makes service ‘good’?

  “I don’t tip … unless the service was exceptional, then I might.” This is a very Australian sentence. And on the surface this comment makes sense. Tipping is not a standard part of Australian custom. Some people do it, … Continue reading

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Is a tip just a bribe?

If a rose by any other name would smell as sweet then surely a bribe by any other name would be as dodgy. Australians like to think of themselves as being honest and reliable in their dealings with each other. … Continue reading

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Should stupid people tip those who help them?

Happy New Year! I’m back posting on Sunday evenings after having a few weeks away from blogging. (Its tougher than you think writing 300-500 words a week.) In fact, I have just walked through my front door a few hours … Continue reading

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Higher price. Higher tip?

Is there a greater imperative to tip the more fancy (and expensive) the restaurant? People always amaze me when they say something like, “well, I tip at fine dining restaurants but not at regular restaurants.” If you ask what the … Continue reading

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Which Reservoir Dogs character are you?

Reservoir Dogs is a 1992 film, by Quentin Tarantino, about a group of ruthless criminals who gather at their warehouse hideout after a botched diamond store heist. Two members were missing or dead, and they soon began to realise that … Continue reading

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